Wireless Links

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Reliable Video Streaming Technology

In the fast-paced world we now live in, it’s a requirement in business to be able to share information instantly, and this should extend to your CCTV as well. A smart CCTV system from Plexio can do this for you, without compromising on security.

Once your internet-connected smart CCTV network is installed, it will communicate with your computer system and will allow you to send a video stream reliably and securely over a wireless link. Small businesses across the North West are taking advantage of this highly specialised technology to send and receive video footage faster than ever.

Why Use Wireless Links?


Plexio’s specialised wireless systems make it easy to quickly and efficiently transmit video footage to any site.


This secure proprietary wireless system is capable of transmitting a stable, steady signal, which is able to carry video for miles in the right conditions.


With high-end technology now being more commonplace, this wireless equipment is now more affordable than ever.

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