Computer Telephony Integration

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Advanced Hardware Coordination

Computer telephone integration (CTI) is a staple of the modern workplace–a capability that allows for a number of advanced functions.

At its core, CTI enables a telephone and a computer to communicate and coordinate with each other. This means you can perform actions such as dialling a phone number straight from your email contacts and answering incoming calls using your PC. Even more excitingly, with our smart CCTV capabilties, we can even connect your surveillance equipment to the integrated system, allowing you to control and monitor individual cameras and activate functions remotely.

CTI Functionalities

On-Screen Phone Control

Answer, hang up, transfer, hold or conference calls using your PC.

Phonebook Display

Incoming calls will display onscreen, with options to display the caller’s name and customer database record if required.

CRM Integration

CTI allows for advanced call logging and reporting, as well as full integration with popular customer relationship management systems.

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