COVID-19 2nd Lockdown Continuity Business Plan

We understand your business depends on technology to provide a reliable and uninterrupted service to both yourself and your customers and would like to reassure you of our ability to provide business continuity. Due to the technology already in place here at Plexio UK, we are able to work remotely during this 2nd lockdown to ensure service continuity.

As always, we remain committed to supporting you with an unparalleled level of service and will continue to monitor the situation, and will provide any updates, where necessary. If you have any questions or would like further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Network Infrastructure

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An IT Network that Works for You

A stable, reliable IT network infrastructure is what separates a good business from a great one. Whether you’re a two-man start-up or a well-established business, we are on hand to design and create an IT network that works for you. That’s because our network infrastructures are completely bespoke, giving you the flexibility and freedom to create a network that’s as unique as your business, including full integration with your telephone and smart CCTV systems.

We will also take into account how your business is likely to grow, making sure your network will comfortably and effectively grow right along with it. So contact Plexio today to find out just how we can create or improve your network infrastructure.

A Range of Network Infrastructure Options

Wired Network

Wired networks are the simplest and most reliable form of IT network infrastructure. Every computer is linked by cables, minimising risks of disconnection and offering the greatest level of resilience.

Wireless Network

Without the need for data cables, a wireless network is the perfect option for contemporary businesses. This solution offers flexible, open-plan office configurations.

Wide Area Network

With a wide area network, remote workers and satellite offices can communicate and work together effectively and efficiently, ideal for workplaces in major cities such as Liverpool and Preston, where the workforce may be split across multiple sites.

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