Off Site Storage

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Eliminate the Risk of Lost Footage

As important as it is for you to utilise the most advanced technology in order to better secure your business, it would all be for nothing if your CCTV footage was lost through damaged or stolen equipment. With Plexio you can store all recorded IP CCTV recordings at a separate site to allow you to eliminate any and all risk of data loss.

We have worked with small businesses around the North West to help protect and safeguard important footage. Don’t take any chances with your smart CCTV system–call Plexio today.

Off-Site Storage Benefits

Hardware Failure Protection

In the worst-case scenario of your smart CCTV equipment being going missing, storing recorded footage off-site will ensure all is not lost.

Remote CCTV Access

Store all footage at a site or data centre anywhere in the world, providing you with accessibility options any time, anywhere.

Multiple Backups

Duplicate all IP CCTV footage to store it at multiple sites for separate employees to view, or simply as an extra way to secure the data.

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