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Only the Best Hardware Manufacturers and Equipment

A reliable network of computer systems is the backbone of any modern business. To stay ahead of the curve, you must ensure your business IT hardware supplier is knowledgeable, dependable and connected.

Plexio can promise you all this and more. We have tried and tested relationships with every IT equipment manufacturer, including Fujitsu, Dell, WatchGuard Technologies, Netgear and Cisco Systems. Our years of experience and trusted connections within the industry allows us to source, provide and install your company’s every hardware need, whether that’s a single PC or a completely revamped IT network.

Not only that, but our team of analysts always keep a close eye on new IT technologies that are constantly being developed and released. We can then compare and evaluate your IT systems against the industry standard to make sure your equipment is of the highest quality and offers value for money.

Why Choose a Plexio IT Assessment

No Obligation

Plexio will carry out an appraisal of your hardware with absolutely no obligation or pressure for you to take on our services.

Bespoke Recommendations

Our expert team will provide tailored advice, always taking into account any budgetary constraints and compromises that are necessary.

No Added Extras

Plexio only make suggestions based on what your business really needs; there’s no upselling or extraneous recommendations from us.

If you would like a no-obligation IT hardware assessment...