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Transparent and Honest Telephone Billing

Plexio offers a full range of business telephone solutions, so no matter what your company’s needs are, we will be able to fulfil and exceed them, making honest recommendations tailored to you.

What’s more, our charges are extremely competitive due to having absolutely no hidden costs, and because of our role as one of the most trusted IT and telephone support providers in the North West; the Plexio name is so well renowned in the industry that we always receive the cheapest possible rates from each supplier.

Contact Plexio today to take advantage of our low-cost telephone services.

Plexio Line Rental & Call Billing

Additional Telephone Systems

As well as traditional telephone lines, we offer competitive VoIP line rental and call charge packages.

No Hidden Fees

With Plexio, you will never see additional costs for features such as itemised billing.

Value for Money

You business can seriously reduce your current telephone line outgoings, while still receiving a comprehensive service.

When it comes to telephone services, we’re always here to help...