COVID-19 - Continuity Business Plan

We understand your business depends on technology to provide a reliable and uninterrupted service to both yourself and your customers and would like to reassure you of our ability to provide business continuity.
Due to the technology already in place here at Plexio UK, we are able to work remotely during this time to ensure service continuity.
As always, we remain committed to supporting you with an unparalleled level of service and will continue to monitor the situation, and will provide any updates, where necessary.
If you have any questions or would like further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Dedicated Installation & Support for IT & CCTV Technology

Plexio is the number one CCTV and IT support service in the North West, providing technical installation, maintenance, support and advice since 2009. We have singlehandedly improved the infrastructure of organisations throughout the area with our unique combination of top-quality installation technicians and unbeatable customer service and support. Communication is key with Plexio–that’s why we pioneer seamless integration between IT, telephony and CCTV systems, pushing the security and capability of your business further than ever before.

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Experts in Smart CCTV

Plexio is leading the charge in professional surveillance equipment and monitoring. With our top-of-the-range technology and unparalleled expertise, we can guide your company to peerless protection of your premises, and of any recorded audio or video.

A smart CCTV system from Plexio allows for reliability and quality that analogue CCTV simply cannot match. Combine this with the ability to wirelessly stream footage to any device or location, store it securely off-site, and even automatically integrate & activate a variety of devices such as lighting & heating systems that act based on what the cameras see along with sensor data, and you have a one of the most technologically advanced surveillance systems on the market today. Our CCTV systems are so fast, efficient and reliable, that we can display a live feed of Plexio’s aquarium featuring Tepp & Yaki, and Sashimi here on our website with no disruptions or slowdown.

Specialists in IT Support & Security

Plexio's experience in providing IT systems across the North West is your guarantee of a comprehensive IT service–we’ll work alongside you to deliver a solution that does exactly what you need. Whether it’s the initial IT system setup and configuration, VoIP telephony, cloud computing and storage or Internet connectivity provisions, your business should look no further than Plexio. A passion for service underlines everything we do, which is why clients come back to us time and time again.

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Plexio's CCTV & IT Services

IP CCTV System Support
Remote CCTV Monitoring and Storage
Computer System Design and Installation
IT Support for Microsoft and Apple Mac
VOIP and Hosted Telephony Systems
Fibre Optic Broadband and Business Class ADSL Connectivity
Cloud Storage and Automatic Backup
Hosted Desktop Systems

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Wherever you are in the north west, the IT systems specialists at Plexio will be glad to offer the expertise you need. Browse our site to discover our range of services and visit our Contact page to make a detailed enquiry.

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